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Migrate from HELM to Enkompass

This Guide will guide you through migrating your website From our legacy hosting "Windows 2003, HELM Control Panel" to our very latest Cloud Windows 2008 R2 Hosting using Enkompass.

When moving to Enkompass things you'll immediately notice.

1) Your hosting space will change from c:\domains\domainname\  to a shared SAN storage path which will be \\enkompass-san\san\Users\cPanel\USERNAME\

2) previously you uploaded to wwwroot, now you'll upload to public_html foldercy

3) previously each domain name had its own c:\domains\domainname\ now all your domains will be under a single user account and each domain name will by default create a folder under the public_html folder, for example if you added a secondary domain name called a folder under public_html will be created called where you would publish your website.  This makes it allot simplier for single users to have 1 FTP account for all domain names. If you like you can create ftp account for each domain as well.  THIS  STEP APPLIES TO USERS HAVE MULPITLE DOMAINS i.e. customers on Plan-L and Plan-XL only.

4) Domain aliases are now called Parked domains

5) Tempory URL's are no longer available, however here is a work around.  Login to Enkompass WSOI, click parked domains.  enter [USERNAME] replace [username] with the WSOI username, ie if you logged in with username bobsmith, then enter  it will take 10 minutes for all web servers to add the parked domain, so you may get a IIS7 screen until all servers see the new parked domain.

This guide will show you

a) How to add your domains to Enkompass - for users on Plan-L and Plan-XL only
b) How to move your Website Files
c) How to Move your MySQL/MS SQL Databases
d) How to migrate your email
e) Making your Enkompass Hosting live

How to add your domains to Enkompass - For Plan-L and Plan-XL only

Login to Helm and click the Domains Icon, here a list of all your domain names will load.  In a new window, Login to Enkompass WSOI (website owner interface, aka CPanel)

Your master domain name will be on the left hand side, you do not need to add this domain has already been added, and is known as your master domain name.  Click Addon domains

add all your other domain names here, you'll see it automatically creates your additional domains under pubic_html

Do the same as above to add any Parked domains or Sub-domains.

Move your Website Files,

If you do not have backup of your website files, open an FTP client application and connect to your account on HELM and download your website files to your computer.

Now open a FTP client application and connect to server  with your ftp username, this is shown in your welcome email, all usernames are: main-domain|enkompass-username  for example if your domain was and your enkompass username was bob123 your username would be|bob123  and use your enkompass login password.

Once you are connected double click folder PUBLIC_HTML you'll see some folders already exist.  If you've got any addon domains, then the folders will show in here titled by each domain name.  Do not delete these!

Upload the website files of your master domain name to the public_html folder,  any of your other websites (addon domains) you would upload the content to the folders named after the domain in question.

NOTE, if you have anything hard coded such as MS Access databases, you'll need to change the path from c:\domains\domain to  \\enkompass-san\san\Users\cPanel\USERNAME\folder\file

How to Move your MySQL/MS SQL Databases


Use the following link to access phpmyadmin on HELM4 server and login using your MySQL login.


Once logged in click your database name on the left


Click the Export Tab
Check Save as File
Enter The DB Name or something unique as the file name
Click Go, it may take a minute or so for the download box to appear, depending on the size of the database

Now, close phpmyadmin and go back to Enkompass WSOI and click MySQL Manager
Click new database and call the database whatever you want, note that all databases have your cpanel username prefixed.

NOTE: if you get an error saying Validation Summary, this means your browser is not supported, use Firefox or Internet explorer 8 or 9.

Once the database is created click the users tab and create a MySQL Database user tab and create a MySQL user, assign it to the database just created, and choose all Privileges, then click create.

Click home button (top left) and then click PHPMyAdmin (next to MySQL manager)  By default you should automatically be logged in as your enkopass account has access to all databases, if not login with the user we just created.

Click your database on the left as did before.

Click the Import TAB, click browse and navigate to your backup, leave every other setting as default.

Click GO, this may take a few minutes depending on the size of your database.  Once one you should see all your tables load on the left.

Your database is now restored.

Change your Website settings to use
Servername: localhost with your new DB Name & login credentials, although SQL is not localhost, we have all cloud servers set to automatically forward all MySQL/MSSQL Connections to the correct Cloud Database server.



Login to HELM and click domains > domain > Database Manager
Click your MS SQL 2005 Database

Click the text link next to Backup/Restore to open MyLittleBackup, Login using your MS SQL Database login details
On the left choose Backup Database
the backup database page will load, Choose the database from the drop down menu
Click OK

Setname:  ie: mydatabasename backup
After a minute step 5 will give you a download link, download the .BAK file


Load and login with your SQL login or Enkompass Login
Create Your MS SQL Database and Create a username & password to access the database on the users tab with full permissions.

Click Home in top left corner
Next to MS SQL manager click MyLittleBackup

On the left click Restore Database

the restore wizard will load
1) choose the DB from the drop down
2) Click OK
3) Click browse and navigate to your .BAK file
4) Click OK

5) the DB will upload
6) Step 3 will now show a file under choose the backup file shown empty in the screen shot above.  Click the file so itshighlighted then click OK

7) your database will be selected on the left, click restore to restore the SQL Database to our SQL 2008 R2 Server

Once restored you should see this:

5) Restore successfully performed.
6)User mapping failed for the following users < this may look like an error, but ignore it, its related to the old db user which will be replaced with the new user we created in enkompass earlier on.

Your database is now restored.

Change your Website settings to use
Servername: localhost with your new DB Name & login credentials, although SQL is not localhost, we have all cloud servers set to automatically forward all MySQL/MSSQL Connections to the correct Cloud Database server. NOTE: we use the default port 1433 and no longer use custom port 1093 for SQL connections.

How to migrate your email

Like HELM, Enkompass hosting also uses Smartermail Enterprise edition.  Sadly Smartertools have not created a Smartermail  to Smartermail migration tool, hopefully we'll see this in Smartermail 9 due out late 2011 or early 2012.  However their is 2 ways to migrate your email.

POP3/SMTP users

If you just use POP3/SMTP for all your email, you likely do not store any emails on our server.  So all you need to do is recreate all of your email accounts in Enkompass.

IMAP/Webmail users

Login to HELM, click domains > domain > DNS Zone editor and note the IP address next to A record: MAIL this will either be or

To start the migration process, , First re-create your email accounts in Enkompass,  then go to

Login to your email account, the first time you login you'll be welcomed with the migration wizard, choose migrate from OTHER. 

Enter the IP address noted earlier from HELM for your email server.  Then enter your email address and password you would use to login to IMAP or Webmail.  This will then Login to webmail and copy accross all of your emails.

It will not copy over your contacts or calandars

Temp URL:


You can check your website using the above URL

Temp URL for addon domain: [yourusername][addondomain]

Making your Enkompass Hosting live

If your domain is registered with us let us know, we will point your domain to enkompass server.

If your managing your domain yourself let us know we will provide our new naming servers.


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